Walk in Glendalour Valley, Slieve Blooms

Walking in Slieve Bloom Mountains Irland

Baunreagh Sitka Spruce Plot, Slieve Bloom Mountains

The Glendelour Valley in the southern Slieve Bloom mountains offers gentle walking on many kilometers of well maintained trails and in beautiful forested hills and valleys.

While walking here Tania and I discovered the majestic Baunreagh Sitka Spruce plot. These magnificent trees were planted in 1926, just eight years after the First World War. They are now typically about 45 metres high and 2.3 metres in girth according to some literature I came across. Apparently this is the most impressive Sitka Spruce stand in Ireland today, and these fabulous giants are now preserved for study and only used as a high-quality seed source for propagation.

Standing amongst them almost feels like you are surrounded by friendly, quiet, whispering giants!

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