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Ibirapuera Parque

with high-rise buildings all round!
(more photos below)

The Sao Paulo metropolitan area is just huge, almost 19 million people, and Ibirapuera Park (Parque Do Ibirapuera) is a large park of almost 2 sq kilometers within the city area. There is only one other larger park, Carmo Park, within the Sao Paulo urban area.

Not surprisingly, on Sundays Ibirapuera is jam-packed with Paulistanos (people born in Sao Paulo) out getting some fresh (for Sao Paulo!) air. Continue reading

Caminho Do Mar

Caminho Do Mar Museum

Caminho Do Mar Museum

Caminho Do Mar is a preserved historic trading route between São Paulo and Santos, two major Brazilian cities. Some photos are given in the gallery at the end of this post.

São Paulo is a huge city of 11.3 million people about 80km inland from the coastal city and major port of Santos. Continue reading