Slieve Blooms Glendine Gap Hike

clear lake glendine gap hike slieve bloom mountains ireland

Clear Lake Glendine Gap Hike

Be prepared! When the mist comes down it is so easy to become disorientated and lost, or worse!

This fabulous walk was in the Glendine area of the Slieve Blooms on January 19th, 2014. It took in a variety of tracks, forest and blanket bog along the skyline to the north of road through the Glendine Gap.

slieve bloom mountains ireland hike

Clear Lake, Slieve Bloom Mountains, Ireland

The mist came down at the top and if Susan, the walk leader, hadn’t been fully familiar with the area we would inevitably have become completely lost as it was impossible to see landmarks or significant tracks. This was just after 2pm in the afternoon and in another two hours daylight would have faded! This small hilltop lake (Clear Lake) isn’t shown on maps and is reputed to be deep! I’m not confident it would have been clearly visible even in dusk conditions!

That’s someone taking a photo of the group from the far side of the lake, maybe 30 or 40 metres away.

Potentially dangerous in the weather conditions that could occur in the Slieve Blooms in January!

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