Is it the sheer 600+ step climb on open stone steps to the amazing 6th Century monastic site at the top of Skellig Michael?

Is it the spectacular vista of the island jutting more than 200 metres from the Atlantic ocean almost like a double-spearhead as you approach it by boat?

Everyone might take something different away from a boat trip to the Skellig Islands, 12km off the coast in County Kerry, but one thing is for sure, it will be a lasting memory!

For me it will be a fantastic memory! Indescribable really in a short account like this.

The Skelligs are an absolute ‘must’ if one is spending a little recreational time in County Kerry and the weather is favourable. Probably best to do a little online research if one is interested and a good place to start would be Wikipedia

It takes almost an hour to reach by boat in favourable weather and the stay on the island is about two and a half hours. The trip then includes a close-up circuit of Little Skellig with its estimated 27,000 pairs of gannets!

We used Joe Roddy & Sons Skellig Trips from Portmagee Pier and they provided an excellent service. Make sure to reserve your place in advance as trips to the Skelligs are usually fully booked! Especially so now that some of the filming for Star Wars: Episode VII was done there recently.

One other thing – if viewing the birdlife is your main objective, make sure to go between about May and end July (breeding season) before the migrating birds move off to their next port of call.

By the way, The Skelligs weren’t even on my radar until I saw Mary and Lorcan’s photos from a recent visit! So we have to thank Mary and Lorcan for the inspiration to go there!

So what amazing places have you been to lately, maybe slightly off the normal tourist track? Would be great to hear of other superb places to visit!

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