Photography Tip

photography tip

Steady Camera In One Hand

I like to take my small digital camera with me when I go hiking. Sometimes to get a really interesting shot I need to hold the camera and take the photo with one hand.

Typically this would be when the sun is coming in at a fairly acute angle and I want to avoid as much lens-flare as possible by shading the lens with my other hand. The two photos at the bottom of this post where taken like that with the little Fuji camera shown.

I’ve found that a keyring tied into the small hand strap as shown in the photo works really well. When I slip my little finger into the ring it supports the camera securely in my right hand while I can shade the lens with my left hand. Adjust the position of the ring to suit your hand.

The ring is also very handy for clipping the camera to a small carabiner on the shoulder strap of my rucksack, ready for quick deployment!

What clever photography tips can you share? Thanks!

1 thought on “Photography Tip

  1. Val Robus

    My tip is always remember your camera! Easier said than done. I’ve forgotten mine twice, once when I walked up Carrowkeel and another time when I was walking up the lane and saw three beautiful deer standing in front of me.

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