Who doesn’t love a good story, a show! Who doesn’t love to be entertained!

Great visuals have always been part of that. So much more is possible now with the latest technology and the Web and video is definitely where the big move is on.

I’m experimenting with Magisto, an online automatic video editing application at the moment.

This little composition from a hike from Glenmoon to Arderin and back through Glendine forest in the Slieve Bloom Mountains is a first attempt.

Magisto puts together a collage of video clips and stills, does the title and transitions, zooms and also supposed to put in the background music you choose from their selection, or your own if you pay for the premium service.

I don’t think Magisto is fully and properly developed yet, for example I couldn’t get their PC-based app to work so I put this together through their website. I also had hassles with the background music. Their support service couldn’t help other than suggest putting the video together through their website facility, which is a sure-fire indication that the cake should have been left in the oven a while longer!

I didn’t want to use the mobile app (which apparently does work well) because I wanted to use my DSLR for the stills and video and chop them around a little bit before I uploaded them.

The basic version is free and the premium version is about US$5 per month.

So if Magisto could get the wrinkles ironed out it would be right there as a wonderful tool to share memories and events!

Anyone else been having some fun with Magisto or something like it? Is there anything similar out there? Would be great to hear from you.

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