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You know how it is – life seems to bumble along in the same old way for a long while. Sometimes it’s not even just bumbling, it can be trying enough!

And that’s a good thing really – it could be worse, much worse! So no complaints and be thankful for what we have – well, everything except our Government, that is, and that bunch of ‘b’ankers we have running our banks, and, … and, … and our Uncle Tom Cobley and all!

Ok, now stop that, stay positive!

Suddenly, out of the blue a few things happen when we’re least expecting it… very good things…

So here we are then, fortunate enough to be able to spend a few days exploring the wonderful city of Lisbon.

Doubly-fortunate because my better half is a Portuguese speaker! And Tania had just completed about 250km of Camino prior to this – an amazing hiker!

Lisbon is fabulous, just loved it! Sardines and all!

And what would we do without Ryanair and AirBnB? Tania arranged this fantastic little AirBnB self-catering apartment right in the centre of Lisbon for very reasonable money. Such a lovely little place, such character!

Next time we hope to hire a car and get out into the Portuguese countryside, see some of the wonderful places and little villages that must lie off the beaten track. If any readers have some recommendations we’d love to hear about them? Thanks!

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