Hiking and Digital Skills

Winding path and stream

Winding path and stream – More photos below

Hiking and Digital Skills – what do they have in common?

For most people maybe not a lot. For me they are probably the two things I am most passionate about.

It is just wonderful to have fun using the few digital skills I possess to reach out to others with an interest in hiking and the great outdoors.

For me it’s the prefect blend and a real thrill when people with similar interests read a blog post I’ve written or maybe like my Facebook page or photo I have put up. It’s a pleasure money can’t buy to capture a nice image of a beautiful scene and someone somewhere enjoys it or engages by way of a comment or a ‘Like’.

I’d also like to share a few thoughts at a deeper level for anyone who is still following along here and might be interested.

The last few years have not been without significant challenge, for myself as well as so many others I’m sure. And we’ll all know unfortunate people who have hit even stormier seas than ourselves. Reaching out to them can make a difference, and we should.

My thoughts and best wishes go out to such people, wherever you might be, in your endeavours to prevail in the face of your challenges. I can say, in my own such endeavours getting out as much as possible in the great outdoors, mostly alone, or as part of the great walking group to which I belong, has made all the difference in keeping the perspective where it needs to be. Do try it if you don’t already.

In my own experience hikers and walkers are in the vast majority of cases the kind of people that it’s an absolute pleasure to spend time with!

On another front, it’s the few digital skills I have that pays the day to day bills for me. I’m very thankful for that – it allows me to enjoy some time in the great outdoors and try to bring you some images of beautiful places, creatures, flora, etc, to see if you like them.

A very exciting and busy period is coming up in a few weeks. So if things go a bit quiet here for a while, please don’t go away and forget about me – I enjoy your company just as much as I enjoy the outdoors. I will be back, ok? Thanks!

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