Glendalough from the Wicklow Way
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Glendalough is a kind of a ‘Mecca’ for hikers in Ireland, with such history, beautiful scenery and an abundance of great trails right from the car parks.

So when Alan from the Wicklow Hiking and Adventure Group organised a hike there for the public holiday on Monday, May 4th, there was a great take-up, 32 happy hikers!

We did a super hike from the Visitor Centre car park up to the Miners Village, across the Foot Bridge, back round Prezen Rock and back down the Wicklow Way to the car park again. Well, not quite, if one is so close and after a great hike one has to stop into the very nice Glendalough Hotel for some refreshments and a bit of banter!

Those ‘in the know’ will ‘know’ how unpredictable Irish weather can be, and the Saturday only two days prior was just horrible, but the Gods smiled on us and it was a fantastic day, as the photos show! We certainly got lucky there!

Thanks to Toni for information from his GPS, the hike worked out to be just under 18km and 910 metres elevation gain – great for the spirit and the cardio!

One thing – if you plan to do a hike in Glendalough, make sure to arrive early as the car parks in general fill up very quickly due to the popularity of the area.

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