Galtees Loop Packing List

Galtee Mountains

Galtymore, Lough Diheen Corrie

I did a recce of the Circuit of Glencushnabinna recently for a planned outing for a group of hikers from the Wicklow Hiking and Adventure Group in a few weeks’ time.

This is a superb 6+ hour loop hike in the Galtee Mountains on the south counties Tipperary and Limerick areas. It starts from Clydagh Bridge and takes in three peaks, Cush (639m), Galtybeg (799m) and Galtymore (919m), back down by Lough Curra and Knocknanuss.

The Galtees are so quiet compared with, for example, the Wicklow Mountains. The trails are good, steep (but no scrambling), challenging climbs and long descent via Knocknanuss.

I recently bought a lightweight 25 litre Quechua pack for just such hikes and it works very well.

However, the all up weight still felt too heavy for such an intense hike, but there didn’t seem much I could wisely jettison.

This was my packing list:

– Cell phone (smart phone)
– Walking poles x 2
– Water, 500ml bottles x 3
– Light breathable waterproof jacket
– Waterproof hat
– Rain cover for pack
– Light fleece (as extra layer)
– Light pair of gloves
– Waterproof over-trousers
– Gaiters, pair
– Sandwiches
– Apples x 2
– Banana x 1
– Small bag of almonds
– Map (OS) and guide booklet
– Compass
– Whistle
– Small high-intensity LED torch
– Swiss Army knife (medium size)
– Small first aid kit, including blister plasters
– Sunblock
– Fly repellent
– Camera (compact DSLR)

All that weighed in at 6.5kg or 14.3 pounds, 7.7% of my body weight (excluding clothing and boots). That kind of extra weight is a definite factor when tackling long, steep climbs over a long day out.

I could I suppose take a smaller digital camera, but I love my EOS-M and being able to bring back lots on interesting photos. A small digital would save a little weight but would be far less capable.

I guess one could go for titanium this and carbon fibre that but in my opinion the considerable premium is not justified.

Any comments or comparisons with your own packing list for a similar hike? Thanks!

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