Clarens Loop Trail

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Sunday brought a beautiful clear, hot, almost cloudless day.

The ‘Titanic’ Rock at the entrance to Clarens is a great landmark. The rock formation was given this name in 1912 after the sinking of the real Titanic.

When you stand facing the rock it does have a remarkable resemblance to the view from waterline level of the bow of a huge ship!

There is a loop trail that goes from the top of the Mont d’Or Hotel sliproad (parallel to the main road) near the base of Titanic, skirts around the eastern side with the main road on you right, climbing up behind the rock to access the high ground behind and to the north of Titanic.

The idea was to go up to the high ground, have a look around, take some photos and come back down the same way.

However, on getting to the high ground I met a mountain biker. We chatted a while and he said the trail continued all the way round and back into the town. He estimated the distance was about 12km.

There was also an imposing-looking koppie further up on the north side.

So I decided to climb to the top of the koppie, take in the fantastic views, and decide whether to take ‘the long way round’ on my way back down.

The koppie itself is not on the trail. The marked route skirts lower down on the south side of the koppie. The trail is marked quite well with blue or red arrow markings, sometimes on the rock itself, and sometimes on little signposts. Watch out carefully for them as it’s easy enough to go the wrong way.

I had a good supply of water and when I got there, it had to be ‘the long way round’! Turn right!

Fantastic loop trail, fantastically hot but there’s plenty opportunity to rest in shaded areas and the return trail takes you into the town centre green.

Guess what? That’s where the Clarens Brewery is – it was open – and I would never have thought a half-litre of ice-cold Clarens Red craft beer could taste so good!

Perfect end to a great hike! Highly recommended, including the Clarens Red!

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