Carrauntoohil, Co Kerry

Wicklow Hiking & Adventure Group – Carrauntoohil, Co Kerry, starting from Cronin’s Yard

First things first. Anyone thinking of tackling Carrauntoohil, or any other significant hike or climb – suggest take it very seriously! very serious hazards could easily await the foolhardy or unprepared, or even the not-so-foolhardy or not-so-unprepared! Responsible safety above all else, appropriate kit, know your limits, think ahead (what if?) and pay attention to advice from locals!

A few weekends ago I joined 12 other hikers from the Wicklow Hiking & Adventure Group for a trip to Killarney to climb Carrauntoohil.

It was truly a fantastic adventure and I guess in ways a sort of a milestone or ‘medal’ for many of us, certainly myself, to see if we were up to climbing the highest peak in Ireland (1040m)!

Well, we did it, and what a great weekend it was! Adverse weather conditions at the top and all, as some of the pictures in the gallery below show. Never thought standing at the top of a mountain with strong winds and horizontal rain would be such a buzz! Amazingly fit, fired up people! Big thank you to David the organiser of this outing, Maura for sharing her ‘mansion’ with such a motley crew! and of course Enda for founding the Group in the first place, plus the many others who made it a great trip!

But you know what? fantastic as Carrauntoohil is, and it is that, it was all about the Group and the group spirit, cohesiveness and inclusiveness – and of course sheer determination to make sure everyone has an absolutely great time! They are an inspiration, one and all! and I think everyone in the Group subscribes to that.

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