Canon EOS-M Compact DSLR

Canon EOS-M Compact DSLR

Canon EOS-M Compact DSLR
Some photos of walk below

Few things I enjoy taking with on a hike as much as my Canon EOS-M compact DSLR. I just love this camera!

However, after the hiking and safety essentials there’s not a lot of room left in a day sack for extras.

A bulky camera case such as the one that came with the EOS-M on top of all that doesn’t fit the bill.

But just dumping my beloved EOS into my rucksack without some kind of protection isn’t kosher either.

So after some investigating I found this brilliant MegaGear “Ultra Light” Neoprene Case for the Canon EOS-M on Amazon for about £11. It is absolutely ideal, good protection without the weight and bulk. While I was on Amazon I also got a Canon EW-54 Lens Hood for better control of extraneous light, another £11 or so.

The Joby GorillaPod, I got one quite some time ago, is an ideal mini-tripod and fine for a small digital camera or smartphone. But it’s a bit light for the EOS-M. So I have my eye on the GorillaPod SLR Zoom and Ball Head which can support a lot more weight.

And of course while I was out today to try to get my ‘hiking legs’ back after quite a few weeks lay-off what better than to take one or two photos as well!

Glendine was looking super. Started from here and made my way up to Clear Lake and back. Good hike!

Clear Lake is very unusual in that it is an almost perfectly circular pond about 30 metres in diameter right on top of the Slieve Blooms blanket bog plateau. Apparently it is about 3 or 4 metres deep and the water level never varies! It’s also very difficult to find – only comes into view when you are within about 50 metres of it! Not many distinguishing features anywhere nearby. One needs to be very cautious in this area in mist, fog or poor light conditions.

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