Looking west from Arderin summit

Looking west from Arderin summit

Arderin, the highest point in the Slieve Bloom Mountains at 527m hadn’t really piqued my interest until Enda, our walking group founder, unveiled the ambitious target of climbing the highest point in every county in the Republic of Ireland during 2015.

Since the Arderin summit lies smack on the Laois / Offaly border, great opportunity to nail both counties at the same time!

So a recce was needed to sus out a nice looped hike of maybe 15km or so taking in the Arderin summit.

December 28th turned out to be a beautiful, clear, crisp sunny day – a great opportunity to recce a nice route.

It’s rare to meet other walkers and hikers in the Slieve Blooms but on this occasion I met a very nice young family plus friends on the summit, a great opportunity to oblige with taking photos!

By the looks of it the best route is to head up through Glenmoon, breaking through a steep, rough cleared forest area onto the clear hilltop, on to the Arderin summit, down to Glendine Gap, across the road to the Cummer side to stretch out the hike a bit, back and down through the beautiful Glendine valley, waterfalls and magnificent Sitka Spruce forests to the start point again.

Looking forward to taking the group on the route!

Came across this other very interesting outdoors-type on the route too – last gallery photo!

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