George Hannan

Hi, thanks for visiting.

I've taken down the old site as it relates to
a period from quite a few years ago now, and life has moved on a lot since then.

And though walksforyou was quite well secured, I haven't been spending any time
supporting it technically, so it usually ends up just being a target for hacker low-life.

Things will be very busy elsewhere until at least early autumn 2021 so after that
I will start to develop a new site more related to where I'm currently spending
most time in the outdoors, in the wonderful countries Portugal and Spain.

There is a Facebook Group called Douro Minho eVillage People which can be found at
where some of the posts of what's going on will be put up, so do join the group if you would like.

The new site will have this same web domain,

I have a personal website at