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You know how it is – life seems to bumble along in the same old way for a long while. Sometimes it’s not even just bumbling, it can be trying enough!

And that’s a good thing really – it could be worse, much worse! So no complaints and be thankful for what we have – well, everything except our Government, that is, and that bunch of ‘b’ankers we have running our banks, and, … and, … and our Uncle Tom Cobley and all! Read more…



Glendalough from the Wicklow Way
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Glendalough is a kind of a ‘Mecca’ for hikers in Ireland, with such history, beautiful scenery and an abundance of great trails right from the car parks.

So when Alan from the Wicklow Hiking and Adventure Group organised a hike there for the public holiday on Monday, May 4th, there was a great take-up, 32 happy hikers! Read the rest…

Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

A bull, rattlesnakes, a very large bear, heat exhaustion, dehydration.

Those seem to be the most serious threats to life and limb Cheryl Strayed has faced so far, having laboured my way past the soul-cleansing parts in the first 200 pages or so of her book, ‘Wild’, centred around hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Read the rest…


Return hike from Djouce

About half-way back! (More photos below)

Knockree Hill and Lackan Wood on the Wicklow Way trail is about 6km inland from Enniskerry. There’s a small quiet car park at the base of Knockree which is an ideal spot to stretch out a good hike south along a beautiful part of the Wicklow Way.

In my opinion it’s a much better place than Crone Wood car park which is always so busy and full.

My friend Toni from Barcelona is back in Ireland so we decided to head out. Read the rest…